Friday, 5 June 2015

Eggless Whole Wheat Banana Cake

Hello everyone!

Today, my instincts got me to try this super awesome, healthy and utterly delicious banana cake.

I was craving for a genuine banana cake since the last few days but was a bit undecided on trying banana bread first or the cake.Finally, I gave in to the strong urge that prompted me to go for baking banana cake first. :-)

I was actually looking for an interesting healthier version as "Healthy & Tasty" is one theme that makes me cook guilt free without compromising on the taste-most important ! :-)

I am glad I came across this super awesome recipe :-

I found it very simple, the ingredients used were all very healthy and in the right quantity and proportion. This one is indeed a very healthy cake.In fact not only healthy but very "Tasty " as well. The gooey banana layer on the cake gives it a sandwich look where the bottom most layer looks like it is stuffed with a thick layer of banana pulp but the remaining cake is porous and well baked. The banana pulp gives it a unique texture and an amazing flavour.Spice it up with cinnamon powder and chopped walnuts to go bananas with this remarkable banana cake!

My version of the recipe :-

I used 6 elaichi bananas instead of the normal ones and around half a cup of cold milk to bring the batter to pouring consistency. My cake was ready in 30 mins. No other changes were made.

I also tried toasting the cake slices and trust me , it tasted even better and all my family members loved the toasted version. :-)
Here's the pic -

I highly recommend this one.One of the best tea-time cakes  I have ever had. In fact I feel this cake will very well go with the icing and decorations as well as it has a very stable base.

Happy Takes! & Happy Bites!

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