Sunday, 21 February 2016

Homemade Chocolate Icecream

Hello everyone!

Well it's been a long long time since I blogged about my experiments with cooking and food.I have been very active in the kitchen lately,just couldn't manage blogging alongside.But I promise, I'll be regular now, will atleast improve my frequency of blogging. :-)

So here I am with my take on homemade chocolate  icecream.What got me into making this is actually a very interesting story.This is infact an outcome of a dream.I dreamt that one of my dearest friends is treating me with homemade made chocolate icecream and the effect of the dream was so much that it got me to making the icecream.I really hope I get such dreams more often. ;-)

You really never know what all can be the source of inspiration for you.Sometimes it can be a dream too.Here's a proof. :-)

So as I was too desperate to make a chocolate icecream, I also wanted it to be an" easy to make " one.Mostly because I have seen my mother making a lot of icecreams when we were kids and she used to use cmc,  gms and china grass as ingredients and I knew we didn't have any of those ingredients at home and neither did I have the patience to go and buy the ingredients.I was looking for a quick and easy recipe to satiate my homemade chocolate icecream craving.So I searched for an easy chocolate icecream recipe and was glad to find it on one of my favourite food blogs-Edible garden.

Here's the recipe that I followed -

A helpful note on my Take-

1. This recipe advices on using cream that has atleast 35% or more fat.I could only manage to get Amul fresh cream, which I found had only 25% fat, but still I thought of going with it.I used two packets of 200 ml Amul fresh cream and followed rest of the recipe as it is.

2. I also made it without using an icecream maker.Instead I used an electric double beater.I just didn't get the soft serve texture before freezing but the icecream turned out flawless.I churned it twice in an interval of 2 hours and then 8 hours. Although I felt it had turned out great after one churn only.I churned it in the icecream box using an electric beater.

3. I used a frozen aluminium icecream box , i.e., I kept it in the freezer before using it.It worked out well.This was a handy tip from my mother as she has made umpteen icecreams in the same box and she was there to remind me to freeze the box before using it.

I totally loved the recipe and the icecream.It is completely a lip smacking one, one that will totally satisfy your sudden cravings and you'll love it more if you make it on your own for yourself and your loved ones.The joy of making your icecream is unmatched and unbeatable.Do go for it and experience this piece of chocolaty heaven! :-)

Happy Takes & Happy Bites!