Thursday, 19 February 2015

Coconut Doughnut Cake

Hello, everyone!

Here's my first blogpost in this blog-i have been thinking since ages to start a food blog , just to give an outlet to my passion for cooking and love for food.I'm glad, i finally did come up with one! :-)

Hoping to have fun share everything related to cooking and food that interests me .

I must say, cooking and food drives me, rejuvenates me, excites me, heals me when i feel low or have a bad day-in short it makes me feel completely alive!

Now coming back to this post...

I was just leisurely enjoying my holiday , when suddenly I had a strong craving to have something made out of coconut milk powder or something with i just searched and searched on the net to find some good recipes.I was basically thinking of using the maggi coconut milk powder in the cake recipe.I did a lot of random search on it and did land up with a cake recipe that was using coconut milk powder but somehow i didn't feel like going with it...and somehow I landed up at this food blog:-

As soon as I finished reading it, I knew i wanted to bake this.Yes, you have got it right-I am a very moody cook-i basically go with my instincts when it comes to cooking...and most of the times, even i don't know what i'll be cooking next. :-)...It always has to be something that I feel like having at that particular time. :-)

For the recipe- please check out the link above. I loved the recipe.It's completely accurate. Thumbs Up to it!

Happy Takes! & Happy Bites! :-)

P.S- I have just changed the name to suit the shape. :-)

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  1. Hello Bhavya, Welcome to the blogging world. Thanks a ton for the sweet mention and for linking, I am so glad you enjoyed the cake. All the best for your new blog, love the color :)